Kragerup Gods

  • Cleanliness

    The cleanliness score is 7

  • Frontdesk

    Frontdesk score 7

  • Location

    Location score 3, as it is far from any International airport and trainstations.

  • Ammenities

    The ammenities score is 6 and average.

  • Stress factor

    The stress factor score is 9 as it is very relaxing.

  • Business oriented

    The business orientation score is 9 as it is very suitable for conferencing.

  • Dining

    The overall dining score is 6.5

Overall score 47.5 out of 70

It has taken us 4 years to find someone worthy of a Top Notch Rating award and now it has been found. Kragerup Gods is our first ever winner of the Top Notch Rating Award. Kragerup Gods receives one leaf for its outstanding service and accomodation on the outskirts of Zealand Denmark. Kragerup has made it through the needles eye and blown the lid off Top Notch Rating.

Its new owner Regitze Sofie Dinesen Andersen along with her mother Birgitte provide a very special experience where you totally feel at home, without being smothered completely. The Cuisine is surprising and of local origin, along with own food production, from their own garden as well as the use of the castles own livestock. While dining you can have a view over the impressive garden and estate, and a sense of Royal privilege comes to mind while both dining and staying at Kragerup. Kragerup Gods is your preferred place for conferencing, as the location is suitable for rest of mind due to its location near their own forest. Top Notch Rating can highly recommend Kragerup Gods and is suitable for either a shorter or longer stay.

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Matthias Friedrich Bork

Mabo art

Usually we do not rate artists but we are going to make an exception by showing you Matthias, one of our absolute favorite.

Matthias Friedrich Bork remains one of the finest expressionist painters of our time. The mystery surrounding his work has continued to impress us @ Top Notch Rating for some time now. Matthias deserves two leaves for his impressive work. Check out him out here.

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