About Top Notch Rating

This is the story about a young kid from San Fransisco California that was dragged from his home at the age of 5 to travel the world with his father. At first Erik was not super happy about the idea of leaving his friends behind to unknown territory and areas. As he asked “Dad where are we going?” “Too see the world, his father replied with a smile – something you will enjoy”

Being the son of a father whom was busy doing business all over the world and a mother highly educated and working in interior design with honors for many distinguished people all over California, Erik has seen quite a bit.

Erik is the great grandson of the founder of Jyske Bank the third largest bank in Denmark, and business has been implicit with the family ever since. As a result of his fathers job as the CEO of Tjæreborg Services Inc. at Tjæreborg Rejser Inc. Erik has likewise been to most skiing resorts in the Alps and elsewhere. 
Erik is the founder of Top Notch Rating and has traveled all over the world, and experienced some of this worlds worst but also some of the most exclusive hotels, airlines, car rentals and restaurants this world has to offer. His father being busy with his work – Erik had to spend a lot of time alone in Hotels, Restaurants, he learned about all processes/operations of the different businesses behind the scenes, as the staff became almost like a reserve family occasionally.

Erik has dinned at over 50 Michelin awarded restaurants world wide from 1 to three stars. Erik has stayed at Burj Al Arab, various Kempinski Hotels and  different Marriott Hotels, The Plaza Hotel in New York, The Hotel Ritz in Paris, George V likewise, and in the UK Claridges, The Royal Horseguard, The Manderin Hotel in London, and in Rome The Waldorf Astoria Cavalieri and of course D’angleterre in Copenhagen Denmark and more.

Because Erik has done this he has since this young age developed a special sense for the 4 primary industries within the Top Notch Rating framework (Hotels, Restaurants, Car Rental, Airlines)


On top of being used to travel and seeing the world, skiing 2-3 times each year, and swimming in the hot sun all over the place, Erik has worked in and around the 4 Top Notch Rating industries. If anybody anywhere knows what a good business is, it is Erik. His sense for Hospitality and Quality is way beyond normal, and thus is now aiming to set the benchmark within the 4 service industries. You can rest assure, that if one of the businesses has the approval of TNR – then it is worth the while.

Being tested by TNR is very tough.

Top Notch Rating is a professional hidden agency no one will ever see, because their agents are kept secret. Top Notch Rating is defined by having a rating system similar to mystery shopping equally as tough as the Michelin Guide. They test different establishments and businesses around the world by sending their agents to requested locations testing their services. Once a test is conducted, the agents files a report to the TNR main office for completion. Once all information has been gathered, the business then gets a rating between 1-5 stars and a full evaluation report of pros and cons. Top Notch Rating holds a genuine love and passion for the hospitality industry.


Erik welcomes every business to be tested by TNR within the 4 service industries.