Service Agent

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If your company is not among the top 5, you will be refunded 10% of your payment. You will naturally be fully refunded, should we not reach your location.

How to become agent

  • Have a lifelong history of staying at high end luxury hotels, driving in limos and flying with top airlines.
  • An international person, that thrives in a classy but high end environment.
  • A person that is physically in top shape.
  • A person that has immense respect for the occasional immense hard work behind the scenes surrounding service providers.
  • Have sufficient training in doing undercover consumer survey´s
  • This person is totally on top and in tune of what is in and what is not. He/she constantly studies the trends within the service providing industry.
  • Furthermore he/she must have
    • extensive knowledge in the cleaning business
    • Perform second to nothing business descriptions
    • extensive knowledge in landscaping
    • extensive knowledge in building maintenance
    • Have a very fine tuned sense for detail and doing assessments based on our point system.