The Integrity Badge

We are currently working on our new Integrity Badge for companies/businesses that hold a high level of integrity. So far we find the following to be unworthy of excellent service, they simply don’t deserve it. Insane psychopathic behavior should not be rewarded with extreme luxury. To be able to obtain/purchase a badge, the business must NOT sell/serve people that are.

  • Arms manufacturers
  • Arms dealers
  • Arms transporters
  • Drug dealers
  • Royal individuals
  • Pharmaceutical businesses¬† that work with MRNA vaccines
  • Emloyees of Nato
  • Employees of The World Economic Forum
  • We find no Top Policitians worthy either
  • Contract killers
  • Thieves/Extortioners
  • Serial killers
  • Animal Snipers
  • Human Traffickers
  • Any person involved in Slavery or prostitution

For far too long the wrong people have been well treated in this world. It is high time that we ensure that the right people are rewarded with luxury and best items.