Top Notch Rating

Top Notch Rating is a Danish based company working globally on ensuring high quality standards within the service as well as the manufacturing industry.

We are in every way against,,, because they cause serious financial straints on the hotels, that makes it even more difficult to meet high demands of hospitality.

The service industry rating entails Hotels, Car rental businesses, , Restaurants and Airlines.

Consumers today rely on the comments and ratings given by non professional raters. Top Notch Rating, goes deep into the product and does the necessary research to determine if the product or service is what either the service provider or manufacturer claims them to be. Top Notch Rating´s intent is to protect the service providers and manufacturers from a single unfortunate incident that escalates to unknown proportions, that can have a truly devastating impact on the business justifiably speaking.

On top of protecting the businesses, Top Notch Rating is also here to ensure that the ratings are given to those who truly deserve it and they will be recommended here on our site. No business of any kind will be here if they don´t pay the price to be here. It is not implicit that your business will be here on the site, if  it does not deserve it, even after paying for it.